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hello friends! please forgive me!

I’m so sorry for being MIA for the past few days. It’s been a crazy freaking week. Traveling across Texas for various reasons, getting ready for the upcoming school semester, and trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m moving very, very soon. 

As if I needed more to stress about, I woke up this morning (the day before I start the worst fall semester of my life) with a terrible sore throat! COME ON.

During one of the many trips I took in the last few days, I was overwhelmed with the desire to look at some room decor for the new place, and here’s some of the things I wouldn’t mind owning.

room decor

For more information on each item, click the above picture to head over to my Polyvore page. There you will be able to hover over each individual item to find more information! Don’t forget to follow me on Polyvore while you’re there!

I really can’t even accept the fact that today is the last day I will really have before I am a “grown up”. From now on, it’s nursing school, then working! As a nurse! It’s so incredibly exciting, don’t get me wrong, but it’s so daunting as well. Over the next 20 months or so, I’m going to be talking a lot about my struggles, I’m sure, but also my successes. I can’t wait to share these experiences with you!

I hope y’all have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!


goodbye high school self

You know those assignments from high school or whenever where the teacher asks you to write a letter to your past self, talking about what you wish you had known then, what you know now? This is basically that letter to my former self. I can’t even begin to explain, but I’m going to try. 

high school sucks

I will be the first to admit that I had a terrible time in high school. To be perfectly honest, I would do anything to forget most of that time. It wasn’t always like that, but it only takes the words of a few “popular” people to make everything change. [Following the word of a few people is a whole other problem in itself, though]. People always say that your time high school would be the best years of your life. I hope to God that those were not my best years, because life would only go downhill from there. Which brings to mind all the laughs I can get from those people that peaked during those four years…

The last 1.5 years I was in high school were miserable. I wish I was exaggerating. I made the mistake of letting the perceptions people spread about me carry over with me to college. I had let what everyone said about me become internalized. I didn’t realize it, but I still felt like I didn’t always belong. Because of a few crappy people in high school, my years in college were probably not as memorable as everyone claims college to be. It makes me really sad that a handful of irrelevant and miserable people dictated so much of how I lived my life and how i felt about myself.

Now that I’m in nursing school though, things are different; much different. I finally left behind those negative feelings and it’s truly spectacular how different I feel. For once, I don’t feel like I’m constantly being judged or I need to be someone I’m not. Rather than being known for negative publicity, people know my name because I’m just being me

I just want it to be known that high school will not be the best time of your life. Your life truly begins when you find the place you truly belong. It could be somewhere you never expected to end up or where you have worked toward reaching for many years. But more importantly, people will always be mean and bring down others just to make themselves feel better. Ignore them. They don’t matter. Their lives are peaking, while you’re only just getting started. 

Say goodbye to your high school self, and say hello to your real world self


preview tutorial that will change your life

As promised a few days ago, here’s the life changing Preview tutorial that will make your picture collages look so much more professional. And it’s easy too! It took me a few tries to really get the hang of this process, but now, it’s super quick for me to remove the backgrounds on my pictures so I can post a few together overlapping and it not show awkward white (or other color) boxes around them!

Step 1 | Select the picture you want to remove the background from and open it in Preview [this is a native application on MacBooks and is usually the default for opening pictures and other files. If it isn't, right click the picture file > select 'open with' > then select Preview]


Step 2 | Click “Show Edit Toolbar” [the icon that is showing as blue across the top of the Preview screen]


Step 3 | Click “Instant Alpha” — the second icon from the left [shown as blue]


Step 4 | Now your mouse will show as a plus (+) sign. Click on the background and slide across it until everything you want removed is showing in this salmon/coral color. If you can’t get everything at once, don’t worry! You can do this more than once. Make sure you don’t select part of the picture you want to keep.


If the remaining background is super small, you can use either Lasso Selection or Smart Lasso to help remove it. Lasso Selection lets you draw a circle around the background you want to remove and Smart Lasso uses the same plus (+) sign icon to draw with the salmon color over the background you want to remove. Again, make sure you don’t select any of the picture you want to keep! I personally recommend using the Instant Alpha as much as possible, and resort to Lasso Selection only if you need to. Using Smart Lasso gets a little complicated, but don’t be afraid to try things out [note: Command + Z will undo anything you do to the photo]


These four options are found under the first icon from the left

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.26.59 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.26.23 AM

Step 5 | Now there will be a moving, dashed selection around the background. Click delete! This is where you will see if there is any background remaining and decide if you need / want to use any of the other Lasso tools to perfect your picture. 


Step 6 | If it’s how you want it, click Save and you’re done! Voila, you have a gorgeous picture sans the background that you can use in a professional looking collage of pictures!


And that’s it! Thanks to Preview, you’ve got gorgeous and professional looking pictures to use anywhere! If you have any questions, please comment below, I would love to help! I also want to see how you use my Preview Tutorial. Tag @SweetSthrnSass and use #SSSpreviewtutorial and show me how you use this new found technique!


my love / hate relationship with moving.

Of course, it’s that time of year again for those of us that are still in [nursing] school to either buck up and stay where we are currently living or make the decision to move. Oh, moving. How I both love and hate you

loves | well, getting to move means a change of scenery, which I’m a pretty big fan of. Also, getting the opportunity to get rid of all the crap you’ve managed to accumulate over the past year. There’s also the perk of getting some new things, if you’re lucky! Not that you ever need a reason to shop, of course. Finally getting away from your awful downstairs or next door neighbors.

hates | because it’s moving. Add in being on the second floor in my current apartment and on the second floor of my new apartment… Those big items are going to get pretty heavy [thankfully, boyfriend and daddy are helping out with that]. Packing up everything then having to unpack. I’m the worst at packing.

Obviously there are way more loves / hates about moving but those few things are the ones that stand out most in my mind right now. What I’m most excited about though.. New purchases!


one | two | three



four | five | six

So in all honesty.. Two of the items I am fawning over in the bedroom section are little girls furniture. What can I say, once a princess, always a princess. And little girls furniture is always cuter and amazing! When I picture what I want in my bedroom, that’s what I vision.

After looking around at furniture stores and starting to make some decisions, I’m starting to get super excited about my upcoming moving date. I’m starting to feel like a real grownup! Hahaha.

P.S. What pieces of furniture do you most enjoy buying?


this lady blogger’s dream gift list.

So I realize that as of today, Christmas is still a looong time away. So is my birthday [January 11]. But that really doesn’t stop me from planning my Christmas and birthday wish list in August. I generally have a really hard time trying to decide what I want to be given. I couldn’t tell you why it’s this difficult for me to come up with some gift ideas, but it’s like trying to herd cats: impossible.

By the grace of God and a lot of Google searches, I have come up with a list! [insert fake applause sound clip] These are in no particular order of importance, relevance, necessity, or level of want, just a list of presents that would make this lady blogger one happy girl.

ipad prototype1. iPad | because duh! I know this gift is a little on the expensive side, but every blogger needs a trusty tablet to keep up with all the happenings in the blogosphere. An iPhone just won’t cut it sometimes. [fingers crossed, I might splurge for the new one coming out this Fall / I am aware the picture shown is not a real iPad...yet]

2. Custom blog design | what better way to say “you rock my socks” than to purchase your favorite blogger a custom blog design from say, Aubrey Kinch Design Studio? Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

3. Business cards | bloggers gotta spread the word about their blog. Marketing is just as important as making a blog look nice.

4. Web hosting | one of those presents that most people would not understand, but your blogger would appreciate this. Definitely an idea most people would never think of

5. Blog, Inc. by Joy Cho | not everyone wants a book as a gift, but I wouldn’t turn this book down. I actually almost bought this one back in the day, but couldn’t get myself to spend the money [it's only $16.67, but I'm weird].

6. Daniel Wellington watch | everyone needs to be able to tell the time, right?! I wouldn’t be upset if I found this little beauty under my tree. It’s super classy [and Southern sassy]!

7. Privacy screen | might sound like a boring gift, but there is nothing worse than feeling like someone is reading your next post over your shoulder.

8. External hard drive | I’ve wanted one of these for a while. Partially to save all my blogging goodies, but also to backup the endless amount of coursework I did during my first Bachelor degree and now everything I’ve started accumulating from my second Bachelor

9. Kendra Scott jewelry | just because your blogger friend is sitting behind a computer what seems like the better part of the day does not mean they shouldn’t look gorgeous doing it. I happen to enjoy gold and sparkly things very, very much. [Elisa Pendant Necklace in Gold Drusy]gift

10. Clare Vivier clutch | again, one item that isn’t really relevant to blogging, but something that I still really, really enjoy looking at and all that. I can’t imagine I would ever really get this as a gift, but if any of you pretty people are feeling generous…!

11. Starbucks Gift Card | need I say more? Caffeine equals fuel. Fuel equals hyper-blogging. Hyper-blogging equals happy readers.

gift12. Photoshop | I seriously have way too expensive of taste for being on a poor, nursing student budget but there I said it! I want Photoshop! [Note: I found a super great feature in Preview that I will discuss at a later time. It has literally changed my life. I'm not even being over dramatic.]

There are of course other gifts, like Gunnar computer glasses and ergonomic chairs that would be great for some bloggers out there, but not really my cup of tea. I can’t say I won’t change my mind and want those later in my blogging career, though!

What are some of your blogger gift wants and ideas?


tech malfunctions = total embarrassment

Heya, pretties! Just wanted to apologize for all the technological malfunctions I’ve been having this morning.

I recently learned how to delay the publishing of a post [my new best friend] and somehow in my doing this, one of my posts was sent to be published with most of the content missing! I am so embarrassed! Especially because it took me almost four hours to realize since I was taking my a final exam for nursing school. 

On top of that, I signed up for Polyvore, which is so amazing, but I was trying to use the “Clip to Polyvore” function. Much to my dismay, it wasn’t working properly [operator error, I guess] and random things were being posted to my blog and Facebook and Twitter. 

I’m seriously so embarrassed by all my malfunctions. I know it happens and all, but OH MY GOSH. 

Anyways, what can you do. I hope the delays were worth your wait!


hashtag blogger problems.

blogger problems

So here’s how I know I’ve become kinda obsessed with being a blogger: I was scheduled to meet with a lovely new nursing school friend at 10am at the library, when I looked at the clock on my MacBook Pro only to realize that it was 9am, I was still in my pajamas, hadn’t eaten breakfast, and needed to leave in 30 minutes.

<< does this count as a blogger problem? #bloggerproblems >>

Pretty sure it does. Cause a part of me still wanted to do blogging things even through my panic about being late. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I kinda like it. A lot.

Thankfully, I wasn’t late. And even better! Found out new friend has actually read my blog. I guess posting to Facebook was a good idea after all! I can’t deny I wasn’t a little nervous about doing that, but I guess it worked out for the best. 

Oh the joys and turmoils of the blogger life.

Does anyone else experience these kinds of blogger problems?


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