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The Little Things In Life

Here’s the thing. I’m very big on tiny little gestures of kindness that bring a smile to a person’s face. I don’t necessarily need a “thank you” and I especially don’t need anything in return, knowing I did something purely out of the goodness of my heart is all I could ever ask for. Okay, okay. I’m a corny person. Get over it and get used to it.

My favorite is either old people or young kids. They’re so appreciative, unlike a majority of our pathetic civilization.

So today I’m leaving Kroger (that’s a grocery store, if you aren’t from around here), and I see this sweet little old lady driving in the parking lot. It’s obvious where her destination is, but of course some low-life that apparently can’t walk 10 feet had to leave their stupid kiddy cart right in the middle of the dang spot.

Honestly, those set ups in the parking lot where you put your carts are there for a reason, why don’t people use them? Pretty sure a little bit of walking isn’t going to hurt you. Better yet, I am positive that it won’t hurt you.


I tried to hurry towards where the cart is to move it out-of-the-way, but the lady of course did not see me until she had put her car in park (in the middle of the lane) to move it herself. I guess it was good enough that I still moved it for her because it brought a smile to my face to see her so surprised that someone was giving her a hand. She was too shocked to even say anything, all she did was stare at me as I continued on my way to my pickup. I don’t know if it was because someone was doing something unselfish, because I’m so young, or both, but no matter.

I pray that someone saw this good deed and passed it on in their own way. Whether it was right after, tomorrow, or a month from now, why not do something to improve someone’s day. I don’t care what anyone says, little things like moving a cart so a person can pull into a spot or holding the door open instead of letting it slam shut in the face of someone behind you, those little things are the best gifts.

Think of it this way: next time you’re having a God awful, terrible day, would you rather someone hold the door open for you or have it close so that it slams into you as you reach it? Think about it, I know what I would pick. If someone does something for you, pass the act on. You never know how much good you could be doing.


Happy Leap Day!

So this day comes around about every four years or so right? Haha I’m so funny. Honestly I have absolutely zero coherent thoughts right now except my random spew of nonsense that gets posted to Twitter. I’m basically brain-dead from the amount of studying and exam taking and not sleeping I’ve been doing. And it’s only Wednesday. Did you know that? It’s only freaking Wednesday. And that just sucks.

Friday before Spring Break could not possibly come fast enough (and hopefully include A’s on the rest of my exams). Even better is that my last class the Friday before Spring Break is cancelled, already. But I’m not supposed to admit that or something. Too bad I don’t really care.

So long story short, there is no real point to this blog post. It’s just ..releasing whatever energy I have left from today maybe. Or something. Is this even making sense? If I have to ask that, that’s probably a good sign that I need to stop blogging right this instant.

I don’t know if this is just me, but … Am I the only one that thinks blogging is sorta like talking to yourself? Cause that’s how I feel right now. Like I’m talking to myself. And if I was saying these things (not even counting that I’d be actually talking to myself which is just questionable in itself), I’d probably either be a) locked up, b) heavily medicated, c) scare away everyone, or d) all of the above. 

At this moment, I’m okay with whatever.

Today is the last day of February, which means March is tomorrow, which means St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! On that note, I’m going to high tail it out of the library and relax. Bottoms up!

Stay sassy. XOXO

Dear life, I’ll see you in a few weeks

THIS is how I feel at this precise moment:

Depressing, right?

Over the next two weeks, I have five exams as well as numerous assignments and other things that I have to complete as well, all while continuing to hold myself together and not scream at the first person that unfortunately asks me a stupid question. I’m sitting here, waiting for my motivational juices to start working, so I decided I’d post this. To see how people react, maybe?, or well.. Which of the two do y’all pick? Obviously I pick sleep and good grades. I don’t have much of a social life beyond tweeting and talking to people in classes and random strangers on the street. It’s probably pathetic, but I like to keep to myself, which ultimately also keeps me out of trouble; something I definitely need to be aware of doing.

While I’m nowhere near the point of breaking, I’ve already gone over what I have to do for the next two weeks, and I can assure y’all, it’s going to be crazy. And probably painful. I may cry and wish I wasn’t in school or taking so many hours. But isn’t it worth it? Working hard to be successful and meet my goals I’ve so painstakingly formulated for myself? I think with all the emotions that will inevitably be surging through my body over the next two weeks, blogging about how I’m handling myself, may be smart. Or at least keep me from imploding silently in my favorite corner of the library.

Okay to the point I was going to make! I want everyone to answer my poll, so I can see how my college readers (past, present and future) handle these times I’m in.

Thanks for y’alls help!

Stay Sassy. XOXO

Pretty handwriting isn’t everything

There’s one thing that terrifies me: telling people they’re wrong, and being 100% serious about it. At least when it’s an authority figure. I mean if the person is a complete moron, then I think it’s perfectly fine to tell the they’re incorrect. I should probably back track a little bit, because that  was a rather random comment to start a blog about. So here goes nothing:

Wednesday I got my Calculus exam back with my grade. It said 72. Naturally, I went into a full-on panic. Holy Mother of all that is good in the world, how did I get a 72 on my Calculus exam? Where did I go wrong? How could this be possible? Hundreds, if not thousands, of thoughts were swarming through my head. Eventually I started beating myself up and just sat sulking in my next class. I had already gone over the problems I had supposedly missed, and had yet to be able to figure out where I went wrong. Then I remembered: my prof put the exam answers onto her website! So after painfully waiting for my university’s wifi to connect because AT&T generally sucks where I live, I managed to pull up the page. It was like fireworks were going off around me. I hadn’t actually gotten a 72. I had gotten a 90. My prof mismarked three of my answers and I was just not going to have that. I immediately emailed my prof, as if I had any other choice, and so began the wait. I had about 48 hours before I would get my points back, and I’m pretty sure that was the longest freaking 48 hours of my entire life. I didn’t even sleep more than three hours that night. I was stressed beyond words. I was terrified that my prof would claim that I had changed my answers after seeing my grade, but luckily I didn’t fill in my answers until after I was done solving every single problem and was certain that I had the correct answer. My prof did end up giving me all the points I had earned, but not after I stumbled over my words and over all made myself look like a fool while she checked out my exam.

Regardless, I’ve learned a few things. While yes I do have really nice handwriting, I should be much more careful when it comes to examinations. My D’s look like b’s. And if I stress myself out enough, I can make it through an entire day in roughly three hours of sleep.

i heart boobies!

Now I’m still trying to get a hang of this whole WordPress thing, since I’m still used to using Blogger. So pardon my random posts and nothing of real importance. I’m striving (for Lent, along with other things), to post more blogs and let yall feel the love I have for ..well whatever I love that particular today.

I got these headphones because proceeds support breast cancer research. Someone told me the “i heart boobies!” thing was Lady Gaga’s and I was pleasantly surprised. I still don’t support her, mostly because she scares me, but breast cancer research is something I will always support. Not just because I’m a girl and I’ve got my own set, but because that’s a hard situation to go through and should I one day be diagnosed, I don’t want to regret never putting a little of my own effort into the cure.

Stay sassy, y’all. ;)

Last day as a teenager

I think the title really says it all. It’s my last day, 24 hours, as a teenager. It feels so.. surreal. I don’t know what to think. Does this make me old? Am I grown up now? Should I even be blogging after drinking this much? I think the answer to all those is “probably not”. So really, all I have to say is this is my last day as a teenager. Maybe I’ll feel different tomorrow. Maybe not. Hopefully I’ll feel like blogging about it. For now, I shall celebrate.

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