jewelry makes an outfit


Over this past weekend, I went home to visit my parents for probably the last time until Christmas as the result of being in nursing school.

I had packed up some adorable outfits and wore them very excitedly… But I made a crucial error: I forgot to pack jewelry! I am obsessed with statement pieces and even some delicate necklaces. My outfits just did not feel complete without a sparkly accessory. That resulted in my searching for some necklace treasures to share with y’all. I think all of these are extremely versatile, which is always a good thing; having a statement piece that you can only wear with one or two outfits is not the best use of your money, believe me. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your jewelry! Sometimes being a little outside of the jewelry box [haha, get it?] with your accessories is exactly what an outfit needs.



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