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I want to introduce La Clé Jewelry! I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a great lady and bring y’all an awesome giveaway. Of course, I wanted to get to know the owner of La Clé Jewelry, Deanna Saracino, so that I could promote her products to the best of my ability and really get behind why she started this company.
How did you come up with this idea? | I am a hopeless entrepreneur at heart and have an interest in many things. I’ve dabbled in everything really, but always wanted to create something with meaning. I’m a huge fan of simple necklaces and I am always looking for something unique and interesting. As a kid I used to wear my house key around my neck, so I started playing around with the idea of launching something on my own and I just sort of thought up the idea and ran with it. Learning as I go. Failure is a big part of learning for me. And I am very passionate about what I do…whatever that may be.
How would someone pick a color? | Someone can pick a color easily by going to our website and looking for “FIND YOUR COLOR” on the top tab.
Do you pick the [color] where the words speak to you or the color speaks to you? It’s so hard to decide! | It’s a bit of both I feel. That’s why it really depends on the day, mood, and outfit. Sometimes I just pick a color to compliment what I am wearing but then next thing you know I’m really becoming one with it’s meaning throughout the day!
How did you pair each color with their corresponding words? | I wanted to pick words that really resonated with people. A lot of brainstorming with friends. I love all the words we chose and I hope to add more words in the future.
Any future plans for La Clé Jewelry? | I am planning on launching a new collection this fall called The Dipped Key Collection. I am playing around with different designs and colors now and hope to have it launched in September. These keys will be hand dipped in color and worn on a 30″ black ball chain necklace. Very sharp!
What’s your Naked Key story? | My naked key story! Good question! I think anytime in your life when you realize you need a change and you need more positive influences in your life lifting you higher and not making you into a person you aren’t is really eye opening. I think we all get caught in situations that really make us take a step back and realize we can do better or be better. For me it’s really about embracing being the best person you can be and working on yourself every chance you get. I want to encompass every color in some capacity! Depending on the day and my mood and of course my outfit, I choose my colors accordingly.
For more information about La Clé Jewelry and to order your own Naked Key, visit http://www.laclejewelry.com!
I will be hosting the giveaway via Instagram, but here are the details on how to win a La Clé Jewelry Black Naked Key necklace to get you going: 1) Regram the Instagram photo with #sweetsthrnsassxlaclejewelry and tag @SweetSthrnSass and @LaCleJewelry in the post; 2) Tag 3 friends you think would love this giveaway; and 3) Follow @SweetSthrnSass and @LaCleJewelry! That’s all! Head over to Instagram to enter. The giveaway will end on Thursday at 10am CST and I will mail out the Black Naked Key the same day!


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