maybe I will join the circus.

So basically I just took the first exam of the hardest semester of my life in nursing school. I had no idea what to expect, just had a list of objectives to go by. Unfortunately that wasn’t exactly the most helpful thing ever. One nice thing is that the prof gave us the number of questions for each chapter that would be on the exam! Except that wasn’t helpful either. I spent so much time studying fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base imbalances (12 out of 50 questions) and that was counterproductive. Next time, I’m focusing on knowing the objectives, regardless of the number of questions for each chapter that would supposedly be on the exam. Fingers crossed that works.

Also, I like to spend about 5 minutes talking about questions we had and then I’m just over it. I can’t sit there and question every answer I put because I will honestly just drive myself crazy or into a depression. The exam is over, no good comes from dwelling on what could have been. If only everyone thought the same…

I had a brief moment actually considering just running away to the circus and quitting nursing school (as a joke of course). But that would never work considering I don’t have a neat talent to showcase. I can’t even snap my fingers!

Oh and before I go to focus on this lecture: Hi Remington! Thanks for reading my blog, sweet girl! I may just take your advice and focus on blogging instead of spending so much time studying for exams. Blogging doesn’t make me sad, and all.


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