tech malfunctions = total embarrassment

Heya, pretties! Just wanted to apologize for all the technological malfunctions I’ve been having this morning.

I recently learned how to delay the publishing of a post [my new best friend] and somehow in my doing this, one of my posts was sent to be published with most of the content missing! I am so embarrassed! Especially because it took me almost four hours to realize since I was taking my a final exam for nursing school. 

On top of that, I signed up for Polyvore, which is so amazing, but I was trying to use the “Clip to Polyvore” function. Much to my dismay, it wasn’t working properly [operator error, I guess] and random things were being posted to my blog and Facebook and Twitter. 

I’m seriously so embarrassed by all my malfunctions. I know it happens and all, but OH MY GOSH. 

Anyways, what can you do. I hope the delays were worth your wait!


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