Day Designers are on sale!

So last week when I said that was the longest week of my life? I was wrong. Adding moving on top of my school work made this past week even longer and more exhausting. And even better.. I was sick! But I’m finally feeling better, and to make this Monday brighter: the Day Designers are finally on sale

Here are the gorgeous options for you to pick from for the Day Designer:

Day Designer

Like OH MY GOSH, do you not love these? For the past two years, I’ve been using an Erin Condren Life Planner (which I’m absolutely obsessed with) but it just doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to nursing school. 

Life Planners run from $50-$75 depending on the style you pick, whereas the Day Designers are $59. Yes these are kinda hefty prices, but the quality is unbeatable! Life Planners break up each day into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening and have weekly displays. Day Designers are daily planners, so each day has its own page with hourly schedules, to-do lists, and so much more. There are also way more design options for the Life Planner, as well as monogram/name specialization. 

Deciding to make the change and go for a Day Designer has been a pretty difficult decision, but I really can’t pass up the daily schedules and to-do lists! Having a planner that is only broken up by weeks just doesn’t provide enough space for my hectic schedule these days.

I have been waiting anxiously for the email announcing that the Day Designers are on sale for the 2015 year. It definitely made this Monday a little less Monday-y! Oooh I’m so excited!

Oh and we have finished moving all of our stuff into the new apartment! Kitchen is done, curtain are hung, and things are finally coming together. I can’t wait to share our new space with y’all! I’m really starting to feel like a grown up with our new place.

My lecture break is over, so I have to get back to my endless PowerPoints, but comment below with your favorite Day Designer (mine is the Carrie Floral)!


longest. week. of my life.

You guys. I’m not even kidding you. This has been the hardest and longest week of my entire life. Nursing school is so rough. I knew it was going to be time consuming and mentally / physically exhausting, but I was so not prepared for just how true that is.

pink straight jacket

In all honesty, it’s so worth it though. I’m loving all the things I’m learning and getting to know the other students along the way. I think the reading is the most daunting thing. I have never seen so many gigantic books for one semester. Professors be like, “Bring these three books to class” and I’m like, “How am I supposed to carry all of those?!” I wish I was exaggerating.

Of course, with my luck, I’m assigned to one of the two groups that are supposed to give a presentation on the second week of the semester. The same week I’m packing and moving to the new apartment! What luck! I shouldn’t be that surprised, I pretty much have the worst luck ever when it comes to those kinds of things. What can you do. Back in the day I would get all bent out of shape about it, but I’m getting way better about just accepting it and rolling with the punches.

So let’s see… I found out I’m really, really good at restraining people. And putting on sterile gloves! That’s pretty exciting, if I must say so myself. For all the fears I had about failing at everything, at least I can say I’m good at something or other. Even though I wouldn’t be doing a lot of restraining in the Labor and Delivery (L&D, for future reference) department [I don't think?].

Anyways. I’m so sorry I haven’t been around all week. It has been an action packed week and I’m not sure I would have even gotten to eat if it weren’t for my amazing boyfriend. He has to go on a business trip in a few weeks and he’s kinda worried I will forget to eat [and I don't really blame him, I'm a little worried too]. I was straddling the line of a mental break down last Sunday, and he talked me back down and off the edge. I forget that I can’t look at the big picture because that will add so much unnecessary stress, but to look at the day or week ahead [thank you to my sweet Godmother who texted me Friday morning to remind me that]. I can’t finish this adventure in my life if I don’t take it a day / week at a time, you know? I’m so thankful for him that there are no words. I don’t even know that I have expressed that well enough to him. But he’s my rock. There are four things that I believe will get me through nursing school: the boyfriend, my faith, my family / friends, and a lot of Starbucks venti unsweetened iced coffee with milk [but I add three Splenda and a splash of half&half]. I know it’s normally three things, but I like the number four better. 

I think Saturday / Sunday will probably my blogging days, as much as I dislike leaving y’all hanging for the whole week. Maybe after this semester, I will be able to post more often. I might even be able to every now and then this semester, but no promises. There will certainly be a lot to share on the weekends, that’s for sure! For now, I’m off to go study. Shocker, right?


hello friends! please forgive me!

I’m so sorry for being MIA for the past few days. It’s been a crazy freaking week. Traveling across Texas for various reasons, getting ready for the upcoming school semester, and trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m moving very, very soon. 

As if I needed more to stress about, I woke up this morning (the day before I start the worst fall semester of my life) with a terrible sore throat! COME ON.

During one of the many trips I took in the last few days, I was overwhelmed with the desire to look at some room decor for the new place, and here’s some of the things I wouldn’t mind owning.

room decor

For more information on each item, click the above picture to head over to my Polyvore page. There you will be able to hover over each individual item to find more information! Don’t forget to follow me on Polyvore while you’re there!

I really can’t even accept the fact that today is the last day I will really have before I am a “grown up”. From now on, it’s nursing school, then working! As a nurse! It’s so incredibly exciting, don’t get me wrong, but it’s so daunting as well. Over the next 20 months or so, I’m going to be talking a lot about my struggles, I’m sure, but also my successes. I can’t wait to share these experiences with you!

I hope y’all have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!


sweetsthrnsass x la clé jewelry giveaway

la cle jewelry
I want to introduce La Clé Jewelry! I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a great lady and bring y’all an awesome giveaway. Of course, I wanted to get to know the owner of La Clé Jewelry, Deanna Saracino, so that I could promote her products to the best of my ability and really get behind why she started this company.
How did you come up with this idea? | I am a hopeless entrepreneur at heart and have an interest in many things. I’ve dabbled in everything really, but always wanted to create something with meaning. I’m a huge fan of simple necklaces and I am always looking for something unique and interesting. As a kid I used to wear my house key around my neck, so I started playing around with the idea of launching something on my own and I just sort of thought up the idea and ran with it. Learning as I go. Failure is a big part of learning for me. And I am very passionate about what I do…whatever that may be.
How would someone pick a color? | Someone can pick a color easily by going to our website and looking for “FIND YOUR COLOR” on the top tab.
Do you pick the [color] where the words speak to you or the color speaks to you? It’s so hard to decide! | It’s a bit of both I feel. That’s why it really depends on the day, mood, and outfit. Sometimes I just pick a color to compliment what I am wearing but then next thing you know I’m really becoming one with it’s meaning throughout the day!
How did you pair each color with their corresponding words? | I wanted to pick words that really resonated with people. A lot of brainstorming with friends. I love all the words we chose and I hope to add more words in the future.
Any future plans for La Clé Jewelry? | I am planning on launching a new collection this fall called The Dipped Key Collection. I am playing around with different designs and colors now and hope to have it launched in September. These keys will be hand dipped in color and worn on a 30″ black ball chain necklace. Very sharp!
What’s your Naked Key story? | My naked key story! Good question! I think anytime in your life when you realize you need a change and you need more positive influences in your life lifting you higher and not making you into a person you aren’t is really eye opening. I think we all get caught in situations that really make us take a step back and realize we can do better or be better. For me it’s really about embracing being the best person you can be and working on yourself every chance you get. I want to encompass every color in some capacity! Depending on the day and my mood and of course my outfit, I choose my colors accordingly.
For more information about La Clé Jewelry and to order your own Naked Key, visit!
I will be hosting the giveaway via Instagram, but here are the details on how to win a La Clé Jewelry Black Naked Key necklace to get you going: 1) Regram the Instagram photo with #sweetsthrnsassxlaclejewelry and tag @SweetSthrnSass and @LaCleJewelry in the post; 2) Tag 3 friends you think would love this giveaway; and 3) Follow @SweetSthrnSass and @LaCleJewelry! That’s all! Head over to Instagram to enter. The giveaway will end on Thursday at 10am CST and I will mail out the Black Naked Key the same day!


holy MacBook Pro withdrawals.

macbook proIn order to get prepared for the upcoming nursing school semester, I had to drop my MacBook Pro off at the IT Help Desk on campus. Some of the exams I need to take supposedly require the use of Windows or there will be complications. I’m not super worried, but at the same time, exams are important and I’m definitely not a risk taker. I expected it to be finished by this evening and all would be well. But no. The guy said it wouldn’t be ready until after the weekend! OMG holy MacBook Pro withdrawals. I seriously don’t even know what to do with myself. Which is so silly because I have a PC I can use [and am currently using to type this post]. But it’s just not the same, you know? I’ve been spoiled to the amazingness that are MacBooks. On top of that, my desk looks so lonely right now.

In other news: I’m working with La Clé Jewelry to bring y’all a giveaway! It has been so amazing collaborating with Deanna and I seriously can’t wait to share more about the phenomenal owner and her products. Be sure to check back Monday for the full post and giveaway details! You won’t want to miss it!


gold is the new black.

gold is the new black

I can’t think of anyone that is more obsessed with gold than I am right now. I am so absorbed with the beauty of all things gold that I have actually gone so far as to say “gold is the new black”. That’s a big deal. 

I’m by no means an expert on fashion and color trends and what not, but I do know when something is a big deal. I’m pretty easily excited, but what I feel about gold is way more than just my usual excitement.

By the grace of God, and some very lucky genetics, I was blessed with the ability to wear gold and silver, separately and at the same time. How neat is that? Apparently it’s pretty uncommon. [#gingersFTW] Something about my naturally gold highlighted red hair [my hair stylist's words, not mine] and alabaster skin lets me wear both simultaneously — and I definitely do! It’s like wearing black and brown together. People get all itchy about it, but it’s totally a thing if you can pull it off. If I had to pick one or the other though, I will always pick gold. Always.

For more information about the gold lovelies seen above, click the picture to take you to my Polyvore account where you can select each individual piece! Make sure you follow me and leave a comment with your username so I can follow you back.

P.S. What are you favorite gold pieces?


goodbye high school self

You know those assignments from high school or whenever where the teacher asks you to write a letter to your past self, talking about what you wish you had known then, what you know now? This is basically that letter to my former self. I can’t even begin to explain, but I’m going to try. 

high school sucks

I will be the first to admit that I had a terrible time in high school. To be perfectly honest, I would do anything to forget most of that time. It wasn’t always like that, but it only takes the words of a few “popular” people to make everything change. [Following the word of a few people is a whole other problem in itself, though]. People always say that your time high school would be the best years of your life. I hope to God that those were not my best years, because life would only go downhill from there. Which brings to mind all the laughs I can get from those people that peaked during those four years…

The last 1.5 years I was in high school were miserable. I wish I was exaggerating. I made the mistake of letting the perceptions people spread about me carry over with me to college. I had let what everyone said about me become internalized. I didn’t realize it, but I still felt like I didn’t always belong. Because of a few crappy people in high school, my years in college were probably not as memorable as everyone claims college to be. It makes me really sad that a handful of irrelevant and miserable people dictated so much of how I lived my life and how i felt about myself.

Now that I’m in nursing school though, things are different; much different. I finally left behind those negative feelings and it’s truly spectacular how different I feel. For once, I don’t feel like I’m constantly being judged or I need to be someone I’m not. Rather than being known for negative publicity, people know my name because I’m just being me

I just want it to be known that high school will not be the best time of your life. Your life truly begins when you find the place you truly belong. It could be somewhere you never expected to end up or where you have worked toward reaching for many years. But more importantly, people will always be mean and bring down others just to make themselves feel better. Ignore them. They don’t matter. Their lives are peaking, while you’re only just getting started. 

Say goodbye to your high school self, and say hello to your real world self


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