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allheart to the rescue!

As a nursing student, I can tell you… There are so many purchases that have to be made as you’re starting out. It’s a little intimidating! Thankfully, I made the right choice in where I ordered my nursing school supplies from: allheart: America’s Medical Superstore. They’re definitely a superstore, emphasis on the super!

     nursing student stethoscope     nursing student penlightnursing student bandage scissors

Let me tell you what happened. I ordered a Littmann stethoscope, fluoride coated bandage scissors, and a penlight. [Typical nursing student, am I right?]

Obsessed with my stethoscope and scissors, but was extremely underwhelmed by my penlight: it didn’t work! My initial reaction, after reading the return/exchange policy was that I would have to purchase a new penlight (in all honesty, it isn’t an expensive purchase, but little things do add up when you’re on a nursing student budget). After a few moments of wishing ill-will on my penlight, I emailed the allheart customer service department. After a few days, I got a response! They would be sending me a new penlight at no charge and I could keep the defective penlight (yay!). What really made my day is that they are organized enough to have all of my information in one place. I didn’t have to scramble for weeks to get them all my information then hope and pray that everything would go through. They sent one email apologizing, offering me a new penlight, and told me it would arrive in a few days. It arrived! And arrived quickly! Allheart to the rescue!

As a lady blogger and nursing student, I would love to get to work with an amazing company like this to help out my fellow nursing school classmates and future colleagues. I highly recommend allheart to everyone in need of medical supplies!

Many thanks to allheart, from a grateful nursing student! I just got back a few years of my life.

What are your favorite nursing supplies?


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