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omg THE j.crew herringbone puffer vest!


j.crew herringbone vest

Last fall, this J.Crew Herringbone Puffer Vest was the “it” thing to get and I know many of y’all were very disappointed when they weren’t being sold anymore. I know I was worried that it wouldn’t even be back for this fall season! But alas, J.Crew has listened to its avid and addicted shoppers and brought us back the herringbone puffer!

I don’t know about you, but if I had a budget to do any shopping, this vest would be on its way to me right this very moment. Oh, J.Crew, I love you, and my bank account hates you.

As of right now, I know this vest is available at J.Crew Factory. So go get it and share all your vest wearing adventures on Instagram! Be sure to tag me [@SweetSthrnSass]!

What J.Crew items are your closet staples?



Changes are Brewing!

comfy casual

Recently, the most exciting thing has happened. Are you ready for this? I have become mildly extremely obsessed with fashion. I know. I can barely believe it myself. But I really want to do my best to see if I can make something of this new passion of mine.

This is my first attempt at any sort of fashion blogging blog-ness. Please give me a chance. I’m a quick learner.. But the first few attempts may be complete disasters. I like to call this look “Comfy Casual”. Why, might you ask? You guessed it. Because it’s comfy.. and casual. I know. I’m just so mindbogglingly creative.

Boyfriend shirt: Gap || Tiffany blue bubble necklace: Brina Box


Crystal flower bracelet: J.Crew Factory || Silver and gold crystal bracelets: Swarovski || Pink leather Heather watch: Fossil || Ichthus bracelet: James Avery Jewelry

Well.. How did I do? I hope good. Or at least decently. I honestly have no idea what I’m even doing at this point. I’m just going with the flow.

However, I decided.. Bring on the reorganization of Sweet Southern Sass blog! While I will continue to divulge the numerous, random, and sometimes disturbing thoughts in my posts, I will also have the occasional posts dedicated to an outfit that I deem to be worthy. {Side note: That means basically every outfit that I put any effort in to.}

Along with adding some fun fashion content to my posts, I will also do my best to make this place look legitimate so people aren’t embarrassed to visit this blog. Any suggestions? I’m thinking about an About Me page, a Contact Me page, ..but that’s about as far as my ideas go.


In the mean time, I will be experimenting with different changes on the blog. Please don’t fret. I will attempt to calm this massive blog storm as soon as possible. AKA when Sweet Southern Sass blog has accomplished perfection.


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