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coconut oil will save your life.

Okay maybe not save your life, but it will definitely make your life smell better and feel better and look better. Seriously. Let me list all the ways I have used coconut oil:

moisturizer // lotion for skin and cuticles
deep conditioner
face wash
lip balm
reduce appearance of scars
stop itching of bug bites
sweetener for coffee
added to breakfast smoothie for flavor and satiate appetite 
clean teeth and gums
[plus more than I can't even remember!]

coconut oilI’m not even kidding you right now. I have done all of those things.

I was a skeptic at first. I mean the stuff is white and looks pretty solid. Kinda wonky and strange, if you ask me. All the oils I’ve ever come into contact with have been liquids. So my first reaction was to move on and pretend I never decided to give it a go. My second thought was “oh what the heck,” so I bought a jar of Central Market Organics Virgin Coconut Oil to try. I had done a bit of research and found that unrefined and expeller pressed was the best. 

What appears as a solid, isn’t so solid. It’s actually really soft. Almost instantly after coming into contact with your skin, it melts into a smooth liquid that is easily spread across your skin or through your hair. 

NOTE | I wouldn’t recommend traveling with any kind of oil at this time. I haven’t figured out a way to do this yet. After going on vacation and turning the A/C off, I came home to an 80 degree apartment and a completely melted jar of coconut oil. To be honest, I thought someone had cleaned out my jar while I was gone. I have the weirdest train of thoughts.

And don’t be scared about using an oil on your face. People are so afraid of oils, but there’s nothing to worry about. Putting oil on your face will not give you pimples [unless the oil is riddled with bacteria, in which case, the oil would still not be the cause of your blemishes]. There’s some fancy science reason that it’s okay to use oil on your face. The gist of it is that using oil on your skin breaks down the oils on your face while also moisturizing your skin. Yes you read that correctly, you can wash and moisturize your face with one product.

<< am I the only one that noticed I said oil / oils eight times? eeek. >>

If anyone shows interest in using coconut oil as a face wash and moisturizer, I will gladly put together a “how to” post.

P.S. What are favorite “weird” beauty products?


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