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epic new journey.

In case you hadn’t noticed… I have been pretty (okay, entirely) MIA from my blog. I’m so disappointed in myself, but y’all, nursing school is hard. I’m a planner, which is basically a given when people think of me, but this semester has stretched even my perfectly scheduled days. I keep thinking, “I can’t blog, I don’t have time,” but… What if I schedule time to blog?


Well maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but who knows, maybe this will be the little kicker. I just have to remind myself, the blog posts don’t have to be short novels and sometimes they can simply be my epic rants that I’m so prone to giving.

Mostly, I need to remember how freeing it feels to have a forum for voicing my thoughts, feelings, opinions, recipes, nonsense, and whatever else I feel like sharing with this small world that might see this blog. So maybe only three people see this, maybe three hundred. Isn’t how blogging makes me feel ultimately the most important part of being a blogger

Honestly, I don’t have an answer to this. I don’t even know how to begin to answer this. But I’m going to try. I’m going to schedule time and stick to it. Gotta love that bullet planning, you know? But that’s a post for another time. Just gotta start the master list for blog posts!

Here we go on this epic new journey, where I’m not focused on a specific niche or finding the “perfect population” to read my blog. I am going to be myself and be a little controversial and be a little crazy.

Okay so maybe I’m overthinking this entire thing. What else is new?


oh nursing school.

Oh my sweet blog, how I’ve missed you. Honestly nursing school hasn’t been nearly as hard as I was expecting it to be so far, but the constant influx of information is exhausting. Even when I do have a few moments to spare, my brain is so full of new information, I’m practically brain dead. Earlier this week, I went to put away the milk and I almost just left it in the pantry. Like what?! Yeah that’s the level of mental exhaustion that I’m talking about. 

So this week is my by week basically. I only had class three days and now I’m off for Thursday and Friday! Woo! Tomorrow I’m heading up to Denton with the boyfriend for little sister’s 21st birthday weekend! Too bad she doesn’t actually turn 21 until Monday, but oh well. We will still have sooo much fun. I’m going to my very first Mean Green football game! Now to find something green to wear amongst my many maroon clothes. 

Also, I tried Fireball Cinnamon Whisky for the first time this week and YUMMO do I love that stuff! I highly recommend it if y’all like those cinnamon candies and whiskey. I’m not even kidding you it’s like heavenly deliciousness in your mouth. 

OH AND MY NEWS! So TAMHSC holds Disaster Day once a year (I highly recommend looking that up if you haven’t heard of it before), and each nursing class has Incident Commanders. I got picked for the 1st year class along with another girl who is quickly becoming a really great friend! I don’t know what to call the position. Either Junior Incident Commander or Incident Commander in Training. Either works, I guess! This year we are just learning how to run things, but next year, it’s all us! I’m sooo excited for this opportunity and even if it’s going to be chaotic, I can’t imagine not being a part of Disaster Day!

Since little sister is turning 21, I’m making her a super amazing 21st birthday present and I can’t wait to share it will y’all. I will definitely be taking pictures so I can share. Be on the look out for that post! 


I’m still alive. but just barely.

Seriously, nursing school is taking away so much of my time that I don’t even have a spare moment to think about blogging, let alone actually getting to sit down for a few minutes and write out some of my thoughts. It has been so long since I even got to check my blog that WordPress logged me out. That’s just so incredibly sad and I don’t like it one bit.

So basically last weekend through Wednesday at lunch, I spent the entire time studying for my three exams Monday and Wednesday. I did not get enough sleep or exercise and I feel like I barely ever even saw sunlight. It’s ironic that I’m learning how to help people get better and be healthy, and yet I spend the better part of my day sitting at a desk on my computer or iPad studying. I know it won’t be like this forever, but it’s just really sad. 

Today is the first day I’ve gotten to take a hot second for myself to relax. And honestly, today has been so amazing. I have some very, very exciting news to share with y’all soon. I can’t spill the beans just yet (because the news hasn’t been made official) but I will be able to next week or so! This may just be something I’m excited about and not many people will get super overly enthused but I hope one or two do! 

After my first round of exams this semester, I’m feeling pretty darn confident in myself. My grades were definitely better than I expected. I just hope I can keep that momentum and keep my grades at that level! I still have some homework to do and some clinical skills studying to finish up, so I’m going to wrap this blog post up.

I miss you guys! Don’t forget about me while I’m learning how to save lives, okay? 


P.S. Check out Twitter for my rambles during the 5 second breaks I sometimes get!

longest. week. of my life.

You guys. I’m not even kidding you. This has been the hardest and longest week of my entire life. Nursing school is so rough. I knew it was going to be time consuming and mentally / physically exhausting, but I was so not prepared for just how true that is.

pink straight jacket

In all honesty, it’s so worth it though. I’m loving all the things I’m learning and getting to know the other students along the way. I think the reading is the most daunting thing. I have never seen so many gigantic books for one semester. Professors be like, “Bring these three books to class” and I’m like, “How am I supposed to carry all of those?!” I wish I was exaggerating.

Of course, with my luck, I’m assigned to one of the two groups that are supposed to give a presentation on the second week of the semester. The same week I’m packing and moving to the new apartment! What luck! I shouldn’t be that surprised, I pretty much have the worst luck ever when it comes to those kinds of things. What can you do. Back in the day I would get all bent out of shape about it, but I’m getting way better about just accepting it and rolling with the punches.

So let’s see… I found out I’m really, really good at restraining people. And putting on sterile gloves! That’s pretty exciting, if I must say so myself. For all the fears I had about failing at everything, at least I can say I’m good at something or other. Even though I wouldn’t be doing a lot of restraining in the Labor and Delivery (L&D, for future reference) department [I don't think?].

Anyways. I’m so sorry I haven’t been around all week. It has been an action packed week and I’m not sure I would have even gotten to eat if it weren’t for my amazing boyfriend. He has to go on a business trip in a few weeks and he’s kinda worried I will forget to eat [and I don't really blame him, I'm a little worried too]. I was straddling the line of a mental break down last Sunday, and he talked me back down and off the edge. I forget that I can’t look at the big picture because that will add so much unnecessary stress, but to look at the day or week ahead [thank you to my sweet Godmother who texted me Friday morning to remind me that]. I can’t finish this adventure in my life if I don’t take it a day / week at a time, you know? I’m so thankful for him that there are no words. I don’t even know that I have expressed that well enough to him. But he’s my rock. There are four things that I believe will get me through nursing school: the boyfriend, my faith, my family / friends, and a lot of Starbucks venti unsweetened iced coffee with milk [but I add three Splenda and a splash of half&half]. I know it’s normally three things, but I like the number four better. 

I think Saturday / Sunday will probably my blogging days, as much as I dislike leaving y’all hanging for the whole week. Maybe after this semester, I will be able to post more often. I might even be able to every now and then this semester, but no promises. There will certainly be a lot to share on the weekends, that’s for sure! For now, I’m off to go study. Shocker, right?


get 20% off WorkFlow by Landau scrubs

As a future nurse and current nursing student, I can attest to this: scrubs are kinda expensive [too bad I didn't get the option of buying some WorkFlow scrubs]. I recently bought four tops and two pants and spent just under $300. Yeah, I know. I was surprised too. And the craziest thing was that I had to pay extra to get the longer pants. Sorry that people are short, but I shouldn’t have to pay extra because I’m tall.

<< Isn’t that discrimination? Sorry, rant over. >>

workflow by landauAlas, allheart saves the day once more! When you order from allheart, use the coupon code 50014 you will get 20% off your next WorkFlow by Landau purchase from September 15-30, 2014. It’s a petty small time frame, but wow 20% off! That saves you enough money to stop by Starbucks for that venti vanilla latte with an extra shot and a yummy blueberry muffin [at least when you buy the number of scrubs I do].

And I have to say, these WorkFlow scrubs are pretty darn comfy, sturdy, and cute to boot! Two things that are necessary when you’re constantly on the move. The fabric is made of 53% Cotton, 44% Polyester, and 3% Spandex [just enough stretch for those mid-shift power naps, if you ask me].

P.S. What is your favorite brand and style of scrubs?


first clinical skills check off = passed.

If you remember back to not so long ago we I started nursing school, I was super freaking nervous about my abilities and whether I would completely fail and all. Remember that? Well guess what!

I passed my first clinical skills check off!

There are literally no words to describe how completely relieved I am. I was extremely nervous. I somehow got matched up with one of the professors that I didn’t really know that well, but who definitely gave off an intimidating vibe. Not even kidding you. I could not feel my arms. 

Clinical skills are really that important. If I had screwed up this early on.. Well, I probably would have started questioning my choice in careers. I don’t expect to be naturally perfect at nursing, but I did want some sign from God that it was at least meant to be. 

Thank you, Jesus, for looking out for me. Air-five! As soon as the clinical skills check was over, this huge weight was lifted off of me. School is definitely going to get a lot harder, but it doesn’t seem so impossible. 

Now, summer session is ending and fall semester is looming. I was told this is the worst semester of nursing school. I can’t imagine the terror all of us will feel during those clinical skills check offs… Yikes. All I can ask is for good thoughts and prayers. Lots of prayers. I’m gonna need them.


allheart to the rescue!

As a nursing student, I can tell you… There are so many purchases that have to be made as you’re starting out. It’s a little intimidating! Thankfully, I made the right choice in where I ordered my nursing school supplies from: allheart: America’s Medical Superstore. They’re definitely a superstore, emphasis on the super!

     nursing student stethoscope     nursing student penlightnursing student bandage scissors

Let me tell you what happened. I ordered a Littmann stethoscope, fluoride coated bandage scissors, and a penlight. [Typical nursing student, am I right?]

Obsessed with my stethoscope and scissors, but was extremely underwhelmed by my penlight: it didn’t work! My initial reaction, after reading the return/exchange policy was that I would have to purchase a new penlight (in all honesty, it isn’t an expensive purchase, but little things do add up when you’re on a nursing student budget). After a few moments of wishing ill-will on my penlight, I emailed the allheart customer service department. After a few days, I got a response! They would be sending me a new penlight at no charge and I could keep the defective penlight (yay!). What really made my day is that they are organized enough to have all of my information in one place. I didn’t have to scramble for weeks to get them all my information then hope and pray that everything would go through. They sent one email apologizing, offering me a new penlight, and told me it would arrive in a few days. It arrived! And arrived quickly! Allheart to the rescue!

As a lady blogger and nursing student, I would love to get to work with an amazing company like this to help out my fellow nursing school classmates and future colleagues. I highly recommend allheart to everyone in need of medical supplies!

Many thanks to allheart, from a grateful nursing student! I just got back a few years of my life.

What are your favorite nursing supplies?


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