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oh nursing school.

Oh my sweet blog, how I’ve missed you. Honestly nursing school hasn’t been nearly as hard as I was expecting it to be so far, but the constant influx of information is exhausting. Even when I do have a few moments to spare, my brain is so full of new information, I’m practically brain dead. Earlier this week, I went to put away the milk and I almost just left it in the pantry. Like what?! Yeah that’s the level of mental exhaustion that I’m talking about. 

So this week is my by week basically. I only had class three days and now I’m off for Thursday and Friday! Woo! Tomorrow I’m heading up to Denton with the boyfriend for little sister’s 21st birthday weekend! Too bad she doesn’t actually turn 21 until Monday, but oh well. We will still have sooo much fun. I’m going to my very first Mean Green football game! Now to find something green to wear amongst my many maroon clothes. 

Also, I tried Fireball Cinnamon Whisky for the first time this week and YUMMO do I love that stuff! I highly recommend it if y’all like those cinnamon candies and whiskey. I’m not even kidding you it’s like heavenly deliciousness in your mouth. 

OH AND MY NEWS! So TAMHSC holds Disaster Day once a year (I highly recommend looking that up if you haven’t heard of it before), and each nursing class has Incident Commanders. I got picked for the 1st year class along with another girl who is quickly becoming a really great friend! I don’t know what to call the position. Either Junior Incident Commander or Incident Commander in Training. Either works, I guess! This year we are just learning how to run things, but next year, it’s all us! I’m sooo excited for this opportunity and even if it’s going to be chaotic, I can’t imagine not being a part of Disaster Day!

Since little sister is turning 21, I’m making her a super amazing 21st birthday present and I can’t wait to share it will y’all. I will definitely be taking pictures so I can share. Be on the look out for that post! 


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